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Ram Rahim Vahsi Katil Manoj Comics


Ram Rahim Vahsi Katil is a story of Ram Ram landing on a place called green land after a plane crash. They meet chimpanzees who save their lives and the tribal people who have been threatened by a gangster who wants to do wrong business on their island. How will Ram Rahim fight this Ganja villain find out by buying this action packed comics today.

Condition: Used/Coverless
Pages: 32
Writer: Bimal Chatterji
Art: Dilip Kadam, Vijay Kadam, Trishul Comico Art

Sold out!

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Ram Rahim are popular super heroes from Manoj comics. They are detectives with exceptional fighting skills and intellectual skills. They are in green land on the invitation of their friends. When they land up in trouble. They are finding themselves against a gangster who is harassing the tribals. What happens next how will Ram Rahim save the tribals found out in this comics.


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