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Robo ka Pratishodh Dhruv


Buy Robo ka Pratishodh Dhruv Comics online. This is the second part of the comic black cat where Dhruv was injured after an attack by Black cat on the orders of Grand Master Robo. Dhruv was badly hurt when a bomb hit him. The story opens when Plasto and Black cat are trying to free and run away from the police. What happens to Dhruv will he survive and how will Robo take control of his daughter Natasha to find out in this action packed comic.

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Black cat has been trying to find the headquaters of Grand Master Robo and beat him so she can finally have her revenge for the death of her father. But she fails to do so, also Robo has other plans on how to take over her daughter’s mind and bring her in the gang of bad guys.


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