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Year 1997 was celebrated by Raj Comics as Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv Double Action year.

And following year was celebrated as Shakti Year 1998.Since the starting of the year we saw Shakti face to face with Doga in Doga-Shakti. Doga who was the symbol masculine power was face to face with feminine power Shakti.

Next,Raj Comics hero to come across Shakti was Parmanu in Parmanu-Shakti.This was the time when Shakti had already appeared in two comics of Behdiya.Namely-Aayi Shakti and Jinda Patthar.

Half of the year and only gone by and Shakti character had already faced all the major characters of Raj Comics.

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Shakti had already come across with four big characters of Raj Comics. And now it was the turn of a character who is capable of taking over all four together. There is no need to tell about Dhruva.

“Dhruva-shakti”. It feels very strange to listen and read. Because while looking at Dhruv’s journey, we find that the names of his comics are very attractive and appropriate.

And,unlike the rest of the heroes, Dhruva has very few comics, which includes his own name. Well what is the name?

By the way, one thing to note about Dhruv is that so far only a small number of heroes got a chance to work with Dhruva. Doga and Parmanu where still denied the opportunity. Shakti won both of these.

After Bambi, Shakti in Dhruva-Shakti again got a chance to be made with Anupam Sinha’s pencil.

Earlier, Manu ji and Dheeraj Verma ji had also created Shakti. And perhaps this was the first time in Raj Comics that different people were making the same character at the same time.

Let’s go back to Dhruva-Shakti. In this comics there were to come big changes in the lives of both Dhruva and Shakti. While the role of Dr. Tarun as an important character in the world of Shakti, the utility belt, bracelet and wheeled boots given by Shweta changed the entire look of Dhruva.

A year ago, the gifted belt of the Commando Force was not seen in any work till date.

SPCL #116, ध्रुवशक्ति

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