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Dracula has been as the symptom of evil in all the stories and he influences innocent people with terror. He is a creature from the tales in Romania and been used to horror story character ever since.

Dracula’s power is endless and unlike other Vampires he has no effect of Sunlight or the sacred cross. Only, the remedy to his evil soul is the bones from a Saint.

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Saint Ulogion scarified his life, so as to develop a weapon to kill evil Dracula. The cross made from the bones of Sanit was put in the coffin of Dracula so as to stop him from escaping.

Nagpasha and his Guru plans to revive this Evil Sole Of Dracula and kill Nagraj.

But, they were not so lucky day. Lori, who was in the palace of Dracula, was not aware that she is the last descendant of Sanit Ulogion.

Can, Lori stop Nagpasha and Guru from reviving the Evil Dracula.

And, will Dhruv, Nagraj and Lori come together to kill the immortal Vampire King Dracula.

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