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Super Commando Dhruv Main Samay Hoon


Time is invaluable. However, it will be harmful if anyone gets the control of time. It’s literally hazardous. The theme of the comic ‘Main Samay Hoon ‘ revolves around this concept where Robo has got a gadget which can mold or change time interrupting the flow of life. 

The supporter of Robo called Junior has different plans. He planned to smuggle uranium to North Korea in exchange for nuclear weapons. Robo smelled this betrayal and reached Junior’s ship to punish for his treachery. Dhruv interferes in their fight as he was the in-charge of the culprits responsible for the smuggling of uranium rods.

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Anyhow, Robo killed Junior in an underwater fight and was also a little bit injured mechanically by Dhruv. However, the best thing about this part is that ‘here comes the time when Robo got a wonderful time controlling gadget. 

Grand Master Robo is successful in his attempt to acquire a time control gadget. This gadget will undoubtedly place him higher and covering long distances is like snapping of fingers for him. He can compel the dwellers of Earth to bend in front of him and he can rule the planet.

Now, Dhruv needs Natasha’s help to stop her father Robo from committing heinous acts.

Wow! Who made such a powerful gadget? Will Dhruv be able to overcome these messes created by Robo? How will these atrocities come to an end? Solve all your doubts with Raj Comics. Stay connected with us to learn such thrilling and mysterious stories. 

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