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Super Crookbond Manoj Comics


Super Crookbond is yet another funny comics starring our local James bond Crookbond and his brother Motu. This Manoj comics starts with Crookbond and Motu wandering in the markets. Crookbond complains how Motu is overspending his money in the market buying useless things. They move a few steps when Motu sees an old antique box. Motu is enthralled and wants to buy it. Crookbond has to listen to him and wastes another 10 rupees. How does this take them to mysterious lands of Egypt several years back in time find out in this Crookbond comics.

Pages: 32
Condition: Used/Average (There is damage on cover as shown in pic, some inner pages are hit by mold)
Art: Dilip Kadam, Tushar Lashkare
Story: Nazara Khan

Sold out!

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Crookbond and his brother take the box home and go to sleep. Crookbond notices that the box is emitting strange light and he feels suspicious about it. Next day he goes back to the same shop only to find that the shop does not exist. When they return back home they were sitting infront of it when all of a sudden crookbond and his brother are sucked inside the box. They find out that a king is trapped in a pyramid who is calling them for help. He also grants them super human powers. When they come back to their original time and city they find that their box is snatched by some daemons along with the scientist who was their to help crookbond. How will our super heroes save the day find out in this action packed comics Super Crookbond. The next part of the comics is Crookbond aur Pyramid ka kaidi.


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