Super Commando Dhruv Grand Master Robo
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Super Commando Dhruv Grand Master Robo


Buy coverless Raj comics Super Commando Dhruv Grand Master Robo. This comics brings forward one of the biggest villains Super Commando Dhruv has ever faced. Grand Master Robo who is half machine and half human is the leader of a crime syndicate he has faught Dhruv several times in the past but has failed. This is a digest comics which has come from Raj comics in Hindi.

This is a coverless comics with first 2 pages missing.

Condition: Poor/Average.

Sold out!

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Super Commando Dhruv Grand Master Robo starts off with a huge tsunami in the sea shore where Dhruv was jogging. He finds out that the fishes are dying. Someone named Agnimukh who is throwing fire from his mouth has come out of water and is absorbing all the energy which is there in the city. He goes to a nuclear reactor and absorbs all energy. He then fights with Shweta who is the sister of Dhruv and defeats him. What happens next find out in this amazing comics drawn by Anupam Sinha.

सुपर कमांडो ध्रुव ग्रैंड मास्टर रोबो कॉमिक्स ऑनलाइन खरीदें

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