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Tauji aur Jadu ki Devi

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Buy Tauji aur Jadu ki Devi Diamond Comics online. Tauji and his magical wand are agains the jadu ki devi how will the two survive find out in this rare comics of our old super hero Tauji who uses his intelligence and magical abilities to fight bad guys. Edited by Gulshan Rai Ji. This is a rare comic from Diamond comics published in hindi.

Pages: 32
Condition: Used/Average (minor wear and tear) pages have aged with no cuts, back cover has little damage.

Sold out!

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One day when Tauji was sleeping he heard someone knocking at the door. He went outside to find out that a evil spirit was there who asked him to follow him in a cave where he was abducted. When Rumjhum woke up he was shocked to see that Tauji was not there. He follows him to save Tauji. What is this all about who was behind this find out in this mysterious comics?


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