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Thrill Horror Suspense Daldal Ke Niche Buy Online


‘Daldal Ke Niche’ is an interesting horror story. While reading the comic, the reader may feel as if he is reading a horror story. It connects the reader emotionally and has horrifying effects. The story line revolves around a person who was killed by five murderers and the dead body is dropped inside a swamp.

The story begins with five murderers who murdered a person and threw his dead body inside a swamp.

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Sold out!

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 From the starting lines, it can be guessed that someone saw them while doing so. And now, this mysterious person is blackmailing the murderers. However, the worst thing that follows in this context is that the blackmailer is demanding for some weird activities to be done by the murderers. 

Sometimes, this person asks them to cut their fingers or tongue or any other body parts and throw the same into the same black swamp. This led the murderers to go and investigate the swamp to understand the whole matter. And here comes the terrible part! 

Is that mysterious person alive or the ghost of the same person whom they killed? Why is he demanding for the body parts of the murderers? To know more, purchase our comic and satisfy your curious soul.

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