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Death Stone Anthony Comics


Buy Death Stone Anthony comics online. Anthony is a super hero from Raj comics. He is a dead man who has come back to live to protect his family. He possesses super human abilities and magical powers which he uses to fight the bad guys. He is the protector of the innocent and the poor. This comics Death Stone has been brought to you Sanjay Gupta written by Tarun Kumar Vahi and Vivek Mohan and drawing by artist Taufiq and editor Manish Gupta.

Condition: Good / Used
Pages: 32
Author: Tarun Kumar Vahi
Editor: Manish Kumar Gupta
Artist: Taufiq

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In this Anthony comics Death Stone or Mr. Stone is the main villain. The story of the comics starts with a cricket match between India and Pakistan when all of a sudden the batsman Kharbanda starts hitting everyone with his bat. Seeing this Anthony our super hero comes to the rescue and starts fighting him. This super powered enemy easily defeats Anthony and becomes a part of a wall to camouflage himself. Mr. Stone escapes the grips of Anthony. He then attacks several well known people and even banks. How will Anthony fight this super villain find out in this action packed.


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