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Andhi Maut Super Commando Dhruv


Buy Online Andhi Maut Super Commando Dhruv from Raj Comics. This is another great story from the pen of Anupam Sinha ji. We are introduced to the villain Super Nova for the first time. The story starts with Dhruv who is visiting a space station and is told that he should go on a manned mission to mars in the next space rocket.  Our comics hero Dhruv is shocked to hear this but he is ready to do anything for his country and begins his training. Meanwhile on the other side of the city a villain named Super Nova has evil plans to attack the space station. What happens next find out in this action packed comics. Will Dhruv lose his eye sight? Get answer to such questions.

Pages: 64 (Reprint)
Condition: Used / Good
Story and art by: Anupam Sinha
Editor: Manish Gupta
Inking: Vinod Kamle
Writing and colouring: Sunil Pandey

Sold out!

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Despite the full proof security Super Nova single handedly enters the space training center and beats up all the guards. Very soon he finds the thing is is after the laser welder. But the villain and his pawns do not know that Super Commando Dhruv is there and it will not be easy for them to take away anything from the Space center without fighting him. The laser is taken away by Super Nova who then fights Dhruv and blinds him. Dhruv is taken hostage along with other members of an space astronaut’s family. How will our hero Dhruv get out from this dangerous situation find out in this amazing comics Andhi Maut today.


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