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Hailed as a comic masterpiece, Ashwaraj Aur Tootsboota of  Ashwaraj Series is an influential story of fight between war and peace, a battle between greed and virtue. This Suspense thriller and adventurous story is a true delight with lively artwork. This is from the famous Raj Comics category. 

The comic is from old stock and but, the condition is good.

Sold out!

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Storyline is Samrat Safado of White tribe and Samrat  Kalado of Black tribe  are in extreme animosity and desperately want each other’s tribe to be destroyed . Samrat Ashwant , on the other hand, wishes to subdue both Safado and Kali to become the Chakrabarty Samrat.

As per the prophecy made by Ashwatrantrik magician, Hatura, one who can achieve Icchadrari Ashwashakti will only be able to fulfill his dreams. This implies that there will be a lot of bloodshed, killing and hatred that might cause the demolition of those clans. Forced by his responsibility of stopping this destruction, Aswaraj also starts his mission of achieving the Ashwashakti.  

Can Ashwaraj deal with the threat posed by the power mongers on his way? And most important, can anyone survive this conflict of gaining power? Will peace win over hatred? 

Buy Raj Comics Ashwaraj Aur Tootaboota online.

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