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Bankelal Pashu Buddhi


Buy Bankelal comics Pashubuddhi online. Published by Raj comics in Hindi Bankelal is a funny character created by Bedi ji. In this comics, Pashu Buddhi who is a demon decides to take revenge from humans and become as intelligent and good-looking as they are. He prays to the god and then is asked to find the Chandra phool. What happens next will he find the flower find out in this funny Bankelal comics today.

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Pashu Buddhi is after the Chandra phool or the moonflower so he can become a beautiful man as humans are. He enters various cities and leaves his evil minions behind what happens when he enters the city of Vishalgarh and why are Raja Vikram Singh and Bankelal fighting, why has Bankelal been thrown out of the Kingdom of Vishalgarh find out in this funny comics. Next part of this comics is Mrityuchahi.


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