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Bankelal Zeher aur Amrit


Buy Bankelal Zeher aur Amrit Raj Comics Online. What happens when Raja Vikram singh becomes immortal by drinking amrit how will Bankelal ever be king. Read the rare comics of Bankelal to find out what happens when Bankelal mistakenly gives a large quantity of amrit to king Vikram Singh thinking that it is poison and the king becomes immortal.

Condition: Used/Average
Artist: Bedi
Asistance: Gaurav, Anil, Amit, Arun Bhanot
Writer: Tarun Kumar Vahi
Editor: Manish Gupta

Sold out!

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One day a rishi was meditating to Amiratanjan god for helping him reduce the headache he was facing but it turned out that the god was the provider of immortality so he gave the rishi a pot of elixir. Instead of drinking the elixir or amrit the rishi decides to bury it thinking that it is venom and will not help him in praying and worshiping the god for ever. Meanwhile our hero Bankelal was listing to this he thought that the pot contained venom and he took it straight to Vikram Singh and asked him to drink it. It turned out the opposite and Vikram Singh becomes a powerful man. He fights a demon who looks like spider man and who is filled with venom. The demon runs to save his life and yells that he will be back for revenge. What will happen next how will Bankelal restore everything to normal. Will Raja Vikram Singh be always immortal find out in this funny comics Zeher aur Amrit today.


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