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Bhokal Asthi Shastra


Buy Bhokal Asthi Shastra Raj comics online. What happens when the son of a saint who has helped the gods tries to fight against them. Buy Bhokal comics. Once the swarglok is attacked by a dangerous demon and the gods goto lord Brahma for help. He suggest to take help from Saint Alokacharya. Alokacharya gives away his body to make a weapon known as asthishastra which helps the gods to defeat the demon. But the saint’s family is left orphan the son of that saint wants to take revenge. What happens next find out in this action packed comics of Bhokal.

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Vikal who is the son of the saint Alokacharya is out to take revenge on the gods who were the reason for the demise of his father. He has prayed to lord Shiva and gained several boons and cannot be killed easily. How will Bhokal our super hero from Raj comics stop him from killing the gods and taking his revenge and how will he stop such a powerful foe. Find out in this action packed comics known as Asthi Shastra.


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