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Bhokal – Yuddh Jeetunga Main


Bhokal is on the borders of the city of Vikas nagar fighting the enemies and saving his country while the queens Rupsi, Saloni and Turin are busy fighting among themselves. Shutan comes to the rescue and ends the argument. Meanwhile a powerful opponent named Chali has come to the border with elephants and a large force how will Bhokal fight this menace find out in this action packed comics.

Written by Sanjay Gupta, Editor: Manish Gupta, Artwork: Kadam Studio


Condition: Used/Average/ Cover is damaged as shown in the picture this is a rare comics from 1996

Sold out!

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Bhokal has to fight Chali who has several elephants and Bhokal is sitting on top of a mountain with his army, meanwhile Chali uses elephants to break the large mountain. Unwillingly Bhokal has to come down and fight this powerful enemy. But several of his soldiers are killed by the elephants how will Bhokal fight the armored elephant and Chali who has magical powers find out in this action packed comics published in hindi by Raj comics.


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