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Black Cat Dhruv Comics


Buy Black Cat Super commando Dhruv comics online. Published in Hindi by Raj comics. This is the first appearance of the popular character Black Cat. She along with Dhruv fight crime but Black Cat has taken extreme measures and decided to put down the bad guys who are spreading terror in the city of Raj Nagar. What happens next you need to find out in the comics.

Condition: Average, cover is damaged as in pic (This is a Reprint)
Pages: 32
Story and Art by Anupam Sinha
Editor: Manish Gupta

Sold out!

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The story of the comics Black Cat starts with some terror attacks in the city of Rajnagar which is defended by Super Commando Dhruv. The suspicion goes on to Natasha and Grand Master Robo. Police raids her house and finds the weapons. But she manages to escape. A new masked super hero with the name of Black Cat comes to the grounds of Rajnagar to put an end to the terror. Black Cat who is Richa in disguise fights against Dhruv who has sworn not to kill anyone. What will happen when the athletic Black Cat fights against Dhruv. Dhruv is caught in the middle of the fight with Grand Master Robo’s employee Plasto and Black cat and is hit by a blast. He losses consciousness and the comics ends. What happens next is to be found in the second part called Robo ka Pratishodh. This is one of the best comics from Anupam Sinha ji who is a wide known artist and has given life to characters like Dhruv, Nagraj and others.


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