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Crookbond aur Pyramid ka Kaidi Manoj Comics


Buy Online Crookbond aur Pyramid ka Kaidi Manoj Comics. In the ealier part of the comics, Super Crookbond you have read that our super hero Crookbond and Motu had brought an old antique box from a shop which took them back in time, where they found that a man is trapped in a pyramid and wishes to get out. He gives Crookbond super powers as well. How will our super heroes save this man find out in the second part of the series. Crookbond aur Pyramid ka Kaidi.

Condition: Good/ Used
Art: Dilip Kadam, Tushar Lashkare
Story: Nazara Khan

Sold out!

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The story starts with Trikaaldev and Jadugar Baunaram entering the world of Crookbond. They were called by Crookbond so that they can teleport them to the old times and help the person trapped in the pyramid. While Trikaaldev tries to help Crookbond, our hero refuses to take help and decides to fight his own fight. When the reach the scene new villains with super powers attacks them. Our heroes Crookbond and Motu defeat every villain and reach Titonia the main villain. What happens next can be found out in the comics. Buy Crookbond aur Pyramid ka Kaidi Manoj Comics today.


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