DC Comics The Unexpected #3
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DC Comics The Unexpected #3


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Ex-paramedic Janet Fals/Firebrand was killed in the invasion of The Dark Multiverse. After this her body was sent for experiments, they revived her by implanting the Conflict Engine in her heart.

Which made her a war machine who fights 24 hours or else will die. During her office hours at the VA hospital Alden Quench/Bad Samaritan attack her to extract Engine from her heart.

But, The Unexpected ?Neon the Unknown, Viking Judge and Ascendant come to help her.

Sold out!

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Thanagarian demon Onimar Synn has planned and prepared to kill everyone on Earth.

And, to get the vibroactive Nth metal accidentally created by Neon the Unknown and the Unexpected.

In this issue Nth metal is the most powerful weapon in whole galaxy and has potential to propel mankind in the future.

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