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Jambu 1st Comics Super Computer ka Baap Comics India


Tulsi comics super hero Jambu has come back in action and is republished by Comics India. Buy Jambu’s first comics Super computer ka baap online. We have the first set for sale on Auction Toys. Jambu was created by an Indian scientist who is then killed by some terrorist working as a servant in the house of the scientist. How does Jambu take revenge for the death of his father and save his family buy this Jambu comics online to know the full story.

This is a new comics.

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Buy Jambu’s first comics super computer ka baap online. This is written by Ved Prakash Sharma and is the early Tulsi comics. The art work is amazing and the story is very good. The comics tells us about the origin of Jambu. How he was created by a scientist in India. He is a robot with a human brain. He is very intelligent and super powers like laser heat vision and super strength he fly and do various things. Buy this amazing comics in Hindi online.

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