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Parmanu Shakti Operation Mangal


Buy online Parmanu Shakti Operation Mangal Raj Comics. The story of operation mangal starts with Mamta, Chanda and Sheena decide to go out for shopping, when they are attacked by some bad guys. After beating the bad guys they move to a space center to foil some evil plans and save earth. They go on to Mars and bring big sized fruits from there this when seen by Vinay causes suspicion in his mind what happens next and what evil awaits earth find out in this comics operation Mangal.

Author: Hanif Azhar
Assistance: Vivek Mohan
Penciling: Suresh Digwal
Inking: Vitthal Kamble, Aadil
Calligraphy: T.R. Azad
Colour: Suneel Pandey
Editor: Manish Guptaa

Sold out!

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Shakti and Parmanu fight against a new villain named Wonder Woman how will they succeed in fighting with her in the deep space find out in this action packed comics.


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