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Rajnagar Reboot – Dhruv Inspector Steel


राजनगर रीबूट Buy RajNagar Reboot starring Super Commando Dhruv and Inspector Steel online. Everything in Rajnagar the city of Dhruv has been destoryed and the city has become haunted. One protector of Rajnagar inspector Steel and other Dhruv are up to the task of saving the city. What is the conspiracy going on in their city and how the closed and loved ones of the two super heroes trapped in all this can be found in this comics. Story written by Stuti Mishra and art direction by Shushant Panda Buy this amazing comics from the RajNagar Reboot series.

  • Condition: Good/used
  • Softcover: 64 pages
  • ISBN-109332425485
  • ISBN-13978-9332425484
  • Item Weight273 g
  • Dimensions20 x 14 x 4 cm

Sold out!

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This is the third part of the Rajnagar Rakshak series from Raj comics in Hindi. The series jumps into two time periods where the city of Rajnagar has been lost in the post apocalyptical world and is dominated by machines.

It is a great comics for those who love Raj comics art work and such story lines. Raj comics has always been known to bring something new to its readers and this comics is on glossy paper. Other parts of this series are:

  1. Rajnagar Rakshak
  2. Hibernation
  3. Rajnagar Reboot
  4. Rajnagar Reloaded
  6. Rajnagar Udharak


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