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Raktpaat Bhokal


Buy Raktpaat Bhokal Comics online Raj comics published in Hindi. How various animals have started to attack the citizens of Vikas Nagar and how will our hero Bhokal stop these pet animals who have turned wild. The story of this comics starts with a couple whose kid is stolen by a cat and later various animals start attacking the citizens of Vikas Nagar. They all then decide to goto Bhokal for help but Bhokal alone is incapable of fighting so many animals at once.

Pages: 32
Condition: Used/Average
Writer: Sanjay Gupta
Editor: Manish Gupta
Artist: Kadam Studio

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Bhokal then decides to use fire to end the Raktpaat and stop the killing of animals. He sees that these animals are going into the jungle where he sees the monster who has been controlling them. The monster is named as Pashupati who has several heads of various animals and has decided to end humans who have been tormenting the animals and using them for personal needs. How will Bhokal fight so many animals find out in this rare hindi comics.


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