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Thagon ki Nani


Buy Thagon ki Nani Raj comics online. This is a story of an innocent man and a witty wife. In this comic we find that artist and story teller Bedi ji has done a great job. The innocent man wants to sell his goat but is fooled in a city filled with thugs. How does his wife take revenge on these thugs and get her goat back find out in this funny comics.

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Thagon ki Nani comics starts with a man sitting on his bed in rain. His roof is littering and water is filled in his house. He needs money to repair the roof. His intelligent wife tells him to sell his goat and get some money. He then takes the goat to a nearby village where he is fooled by a man and his old father. They capture the goat and demand 4 rupees if he wants the goat back. The man goes back to the village and narrates the story to his wife. His wife then goes to the village pretending to be thrown out of his house with some money and clothes. He then beats the old man and the thug and takes her revenge. What happens next when the village of thugs try to defeat this intelligent lady find out in this funny comics by Bedi ji.


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