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Billoo Aur Jozi

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Billoo the character was created by Pran as a young teenager boy.

Who has a lot of friends and is a fashion and sport loving boy.

Billoo and Jozi are planning to watch a movie together.

But,as always Billoo’s plans are changed.

Comics is in good condition.

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Comics is in readable and collectable condition.

Sold out!

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Billoo is seen roaming the streets with his pet pup – Moti.

When he is at home, he is stuck to the TV. Billoo and his gang which includes Gabdu, Jozi, Mono, Bishamber etc.; are at loggerheads with Bajarangi, the wrestler and his aide Dhakkan.

They are always in search of some excuse to showdown each other.

Jozi is friendly to Billoo, but her dad Colonel Three – not – Three does not like the boy and always points his gun at him.

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