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Thrill Horror Suspense Dikha To Mara Buy Online

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‘Dikha to mara’ is a wonderful story and a pleasantly presented artwork produced by Raj Comics.

This story actually helps us to understand that love has its different forms and for a healthy emotional life, we have to create a balance among every form of love.

Love should not be over-possessive. Otherwise, negative outcomes are obtained, like the suicide of the Queen Roopkamal in the story. 

Book Cover is intact.

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Book is in collectable and readable condition.

Sold out!

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Our country is blessed with a glorious and glamorous history that consisted of many historical monuments and events. One among them is the Palace of the Raja Ray bahadur Garba. However nowadays, it has become a tourist spot or simply, you can say a tourist museum. “It is said that after the death of the Queen Roopkamal, the King used to remain gloomy and after her death he also broke all the mirrors in the palace.

Still, there’s a mirror which is in good condition and whoever’s reflection is shown in the mirror, will definitely die.” said Raju, the guide.

The tourists mocked it and stood in front of the mirror one-by-one, even though they were forbidden by Raju. One among those tourists was Saloni and unfortunately, only her reflection is seen in the mirror.  Saloni frowned and asked for a remedy from Raju. He advised her to go to the hotel room and relax for a while. And then…………….

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